Cyclist cam

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Cyclist cam

Operated via a single button, pairing to a phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi makes setting up and reviewing footage easy.It’s waterproof without a case and audio is excellent, but image quality lags behind the best cameras.Pro's When I received this product I couldn't get over just how tiny it was!It is extremely portable (because of it's low size) and discreet (due to the matte black finish, i,e this camera would not be easily spotted if left outside to watch birds or something.) The full HD night vision impressed me mainly because it really is full HD! The only drawback is the instructions supplied which cannot be described as comprehensive.What we say - Tiny in size, the Panasonic is perfect for riders not wanting to add too much weight.With full HD and Wi-Fi, it should be a miniature superhero. We particularly liked the infrared lens, which lets you shoot at night. Battery-life is average and although a bolt-on pack is available, it’s bulky.Verdict - Size and simplicity mean there’s a lot to like for casual filmmakers, but image quality isn’t the best – 9/10 £160, What the makers say - With Garmin cycling technology built into it, this camera is all about tracking how fast, high and hard the moment truly was. What we say - Multiple controls, a dedicated photo button and a large-ish LCD screen make navigation easy, but you’ll need to pair it with a phone to review footage.

Fifty-eight-year-old Marshall Grant Neely III faces felony reckless endangerment, among other charges. Two cyclists were biking down a Nashville road when an SUV slammed into one them and kept going.

Compatible with the Go Pro mount and most Go Pro accessories, it also packs GPS and accelerometers to record data (speed, altitude etc) that can be overlaid on the footage – great for number geeks.

It’ll also help you locate the camera if you drop it in the middle of nowhere.

However, what it lacks in ergonomics it more than makes up for with innovation.

By automatically highlighting fast descents, twisting turns and rapid accelerations, this camera/app combo then edits together the flagged clips to create your own ride highlight reel.

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Verdict - Good value and crazy small although, ultimately, the image quality lags behind the big boys – 7/10 £180, What the makers say - The pocket-sized K-Series is the smallest high-definition MUVI yet, meaning hands-free video capture is easier than ever before. What we say - Reminiscent of the full-size Go Pro with full HD recording, the Muvi is a real alternative to the one that started it all.

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