Carly freddie dating icarly

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Spencer (Jerry Trainor) drives the group to Los Angeles, where Carly, Sam, Freddie (Nathan Kress), Gibby (Noah Munck), and Spencer visit Spencer's ex-girlfriend, Monie (Jen Lilley), who happens to be a skilled make-up artist, and receive disguise makeovers to avoid being noticed from i Carly by others.They then head off to the house of actor and comedian, Kenan Thompson, where Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), another friend of Tori's, is hosting a party that they suspect Steven and Tori are attending.He reacted positively to how the times spent with the characters of i Carly and Victorious are evenly distributed.

Sinjin Van Cleef (Michael Eric Reid) another student at Hollywood Arts falls into the jacuzzi when a surfing machine malfunctions.Carl Cortez of Assignment X praised the episode but also gave a slightly more critical review.He believes "the mechanism for verifying Carly’s boyfriend is cheating is a bit of a stretch".Thompson previously starred in the Nickelodeon shows, All That (which Dan Schneider has previously worked on) and Kenan & Kel.Victoria Justice is credited with the i Carly cast in the opening sequence while the rest of the Victorious cast are credited during the in-show credits.

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The first time she appeared in the series was in a previous television special i Fight Shelby Marx.