Book club dating

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Book club dating

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In one meeting you learn the kind of information about a person — their values and capacity for empathy, or their ability to engage differing points of view — that would take at least three dinners.

Book-club meetings are effectively group speed dating.

Garrett, a 25-year-old designer who’s a member of another gay book club, thinks that the book-club environment has all the trappings for seduction: “It’s very late at night when we have these meetings,” he says, “and you’re with these high-powered 20- and 30-something-year-olds in offices with their incredible views.

It’s easy to get swept up.” What’s sex if not a little bit of escapism or voyeurism — or both?

Disagreement can actually be a welcome upside because, just by nature of how these clubs are formed (friends who invite friends who invite friends), their members tend to be very much alike.

Garrett notes that were it not for book club, he wouldn’t have become interested in someone who challenged him. It drove me to talk to him afterward, and then that evolved into something else.” It’s a hoary fictional trope that love springs from hate — Elizabeth and Darcy, Han Solo and Princess Leia, Sam and Diane — but a cliché only describes a repeating pattern.To dissect a novel (the tragedy of ) is to peek into someone’s interior life ten minutes into meeting them.“I remember one discussion we had about a character who was being harassed, and someone had such a callous response that I was taken aback,” says Erik.About Wine Awesomeness: Wine Awesomeness is your humble guide for buying, discovering and learning about wine.We are a modern, souped-up version of a wine club, taking WA Members on a themed, wine-fueled adventure each month.

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