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The Japan Meteorological Agency, which also tracks global temperatures, ranked May as the second-warmest such month on record, coming in just 0.01 degrees Celsius cooler than May of last year.

The record warmth during 2015-16 was due to a combination of human-caused global warming and a record strong El Niño event.a year.

In , originally published in 1997, the story of the scientific detective work that went into solving the mystery is told by geologist Walter Alvarez, one of the four Berkeley scientists who discovered the first evidence for the giant impact.

The Paris Agreement also contains language referring to the need to limit global warming to as low as 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, above the preindustrial average, which was almost certainly reached during that January through April period.It is a wonderful adventure in science."– Dale Russell, "An unfolding story told by its leading protagonist [...] Very clearly and entertainingly written, and illustrated with fascinating colour plates, it is accessible even to nonspecialists."– Arthur C.Clarke, "This personal account of the search for a geological Excalibur makes fascinating reading [...] [It] reads like Arthurian legend, full of temptations which lead the hero astray and distract him and his followers from the true path."– Douglas Palmer, "Alvarez's book recounts this scientific detective story in an authoritative yet consistently engaging manner.Controversial and widely attacked during the 1980s, the impact theory received confirmation from the discovery of the giant impact crater it predicted, buried deep beneath younger strata at the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.The Chicxulub Crater was found by Mexican geologists in 1950 but remained almost unknown to scientists elsewhere until 1991, when it was recognized as the largest impact crater on this planet, dating precisely from the time of the great extinction sixty-five million years ago.

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Geology and paleontology, sciences that long held that all changes in Earth history have been calm and gradual, have now been forced to recognize the critical role played by rare but devastating catastrophes like the impact that killed the dinosaurs."[D]eft and readable [...] gets the facts across in a lighthearted, almost playful manner.