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In these and other ways, they care for each other as every believer should.But their marriage is no gender-neutral laboratory. As Gavin Peacock and I share in our new book, , God has given us a script for sex and love, one that’s true and good. Because both spouses are sinners, and sin shreds even the most promising union. Modes of problem-solving, emotional expression, intuitional differences—all these and more often play into the strange alchemy that is the man-woman pairing.It’s complementarity—anchored in Scripture, displayed most happily in Spirit-powered marriages, and fulfilled in the love of Christ and his bride.

Instead of sulking, he fights for his marriage, confesses his sin, and leads in reconciliation.

By grace, a wife is to submit to her husband as the church submits to Christ. They work together to build a happy home in Christ, and he spiritually leads his family, managing it well (1 Tim. Of course, the couple shares much in their marriage.

Beyond Ephesians 5, Scripture demonstrates that the wife seeks to cultivate what Peter calls a “gentle and quiet spirit” while the husband lives with her in an understanding, self-sacrificial, tender way (1 Pet. They must extend forgiveness, stir one another to godliness, and mourn together when loved ones die.

The biblical perspective, however, says the taproot of a happy, healthy marriage is gospel-shaped manhood and womanhood.

Life in marriage simply doesn’t make sense without this vision.

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Such God-honoring complementarity best explains the beauty of a wedding.