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Austalian dating sites

Emails have the subject heading "BPAY Deposit Instructions" and there is a attachment and with the BPAY logo clearly displayed.The emails are being sent from [email protected] which is not a BPAY email address.The ACCC recently updated their Little Black Book of Scams publication to include remote access scams.If you think you have been caught by this scam, please call us on immediately on 13 30 30.If you have further concerns please contact us on 13 30 30.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a warning for people to watch out for investment scammers who offer great investments that don't exist.BPAY advises the following: The Austalian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is warning people to be wary of scammers when looking for romance online with social media now the most common method scammers use to contact potential victims.In 2016, 4100 Australians contacted the ACCC’s Scamwatch service to report dating and romance scams and more than million was lost: the largest amount of money lost to any type of scam.

BPAY have advised that they are aware of an email circulating, reporting to be from BPAY.The intent of the site is to capture your username and password.If you have received the email, downloaded the file and entered your information, please contact us on 13 30 30.If this fails to work, shut down and restart the computer.The ACCC have said that even if you call the number, no matter how legitimate they sound, never give a stranger remote access to your computer.

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For example, if it was your bank account information, call us on 13 30 30 straight away; if you think they have your login to a social media account, contact that site to report it.

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