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This strict cap on who has the authority to talk about the Holocaust in the Arab Israeli community, she argued, has a lot to do with the sensitivity of the issue.

They don’t want to aggravate the Jewish community and/or perhaps are afraid of alienating their Jewish advertisers in some cases.

Bahloul has knowingly placed herself at a rather perilous fault line between the two worlds she inhabits—her Israeli and ethnic Palestinian identities.

She is aware of the sensitive ground she treads or, as she is fond of calling it, “an exposed nerve.” Yet, throughout her work and studies, she said she hasn’t raised the ire of anyone— perhaps an eyebrow or two — but rather has been met with respect and appreciation for her work.

“We want the Ministry of Education to allow us to learn about the Nakba, the national memory that has befallen us, and not only the national memory of the other,” she said, describing the Arab Israeli attitude.

The German group, invited by the American Jewish Committee, was keen to learn about Bahloul’s experience in educating Israeli Muslims about the genocidal chapter of World War II, since in their own country they had experienced a lot of Holocaust denial.

This is why, she noted, editors often times seek opinions from Arabs abroad, such as the Lebanese author and playwright Elias Khoury, who can more safely engage with the sensitive subject.

Bahloul believes that the Arab Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals who did have authority to speak about the Holocaust “took the discussion a step forward.” These intellectuals were by no means friendly toward the Israeli state.

When she began her master’s degree years later at Haifa University, she said her decision to study the Arab discourse of the Holocaust was “a process.” She couldn’t point to a single event that had caused her to take what she herself describes as a baffling decision.

It was something there, swimming around in her consciousness since the days of school Holocaust ceremonies.

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While the bulk of her work is recording and analyzing a tiny sliver of the ramifications of the Holocaust, she believes it can have an enormous impact on Israel, the Palestinians and the region.